We are excited to announce the winners of the first Annual World Media Awards!

We were thrilled with the entries from around the world, and want to thank everyone who submitted a blog for consideration. There are many of you out there doing fantastic work and we wish we had more room to showcase what you’re doing!

We also want to thank our judges for taking the time to review and rate the entries. We appreciate your contribution and participation.

But now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. It’s time to announce the winners.

Best Blogging Tips BlogWriter Tank

Written by Jacob Duchaine, this blog offers tips and advice. He brings the valuable perspective of a professional who is both a copywriter and a blogger.

Best Blog About Stuff -

He calls it a vehicle to connect & talk about what’s important, like tech, blogging, & life events. Author of Dad, can we… (45 Ways to be the Dad your kids need).

Best Blog DesignLiveTricks

LiveTricks is a tips and tricks website about computer security. They have an easy to navigate, minimalist design that pops… and a great cast of guest writers.

Best Blogging Host - Green Geeks

Trey Gardner, CEO, wants every web site hosted with green energy. Did you know that by 2005 the web hosting industry used as much energy as 14 major power plants? GreenGeeks offers quality, affordable and green services.

Best Business BlogWeb Sigmas

This blog focuses on discussing, learning and applying popular web marketing concepts. If you have a business with an Internet presence, they can help.

Best Celebrity BloggerAlyssa Milano

Ms. Milano represents the best mix of celebrity and Internet prowess. She is a prolific blogger, an outgoing Twitter personality, and an international philanthropist.

Best Charity BlogCharity:Water

charity: water is a non-profit bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. Their blog is an eloquent telling of those stories from the front lines.

Best Copy writing BlogFreelance Writing Dreams

They call themselves “The Dream Team” and their goal is to help readers achieve dreams. The blog is all about tips and tricks for taking the freelance plunge.

Best Corporate BlogMeltwater Group

Meltwater Group’s blog goes beyond company news. The team provides social media perspective, analyzes current events, and hosts guest commentary from industry experts.

Best Education BlogTEFL Tips

Written by Sharon de Hinojosa, TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Tips is designed to help people learn about teaching English. This blog is full of great info and frequent updates.

Best Entertainment Blog - The Producer’s Perspective

Ken Davenport offers opinions from a Broadway producer on everything Broadway and beyond. A great insider’s take on entertainment in New York.

Best Food Blog - Broke da Mout’

Broke da Mout’ is a food blog dedicated to making the most out of what we put into our bodies. It is written by Julie and Lynn, a mother/daughter team that likes cooking but enjoys eating more.

Best Foreign Language Blog - Voices en Español

Voices en Español is a blog and a podcast. Voices en Español is a place to evangelize the Spanish language, with tips on learning the language, musings and interviews.

Best Geek BlogQuestechie

The term “Questechie” comes from a combination of Quest and Techie. It explores the latest trends in internet technology as it concerns internet marketing, web development services and overall user experience. It’s a creation of Questechie Consult Limited, a Nigerian web service company.

Best Gossip BlogPink is the New Blog

With a tagline like “Everybody’s Business is My Business,” you know what it’s about: everything you want to know about celebrity gossip. Great blog with a personal touch.

Best Guest BloggerBrian Solis

Brian Solis is an award-winning author, prominent blogger, and keynote speaker. His guest posts look at the effects of social media and disruptive technology on business, marketing, entertainment, and culture.

Best Health BlogThe IM Blog

The American College for Advancement in Medicine publishes articles and perspectives from doctors, nurses and other medical professionals. Great information and perspective.

Best Finance Blog - Personal Finance 4 All

This blog is a personal finance and money saving site for everyone. The articles look at dealing with financial hard times, how to save, how to budget and how to use money wisely.

Best Hobby Blog - Information Central

Written by Stephanie Suesan Smith, Ph.D., this site focuses on how to vegetable garden, displays Smith’s photography and woodworking, and showcases her writing.

Best Humor BlogDamn You, Auto Correct!

Ever have AutoCorrect give you the wrong word when typing a text? This site curates submissions from readers of funny corrections that their iPhones made. Hilarious.

Best Lifestyle BlogNot Just the Kitchen

Called “A Place for Baby Boomer Women,” this site is “for women whose lives have been enriched by experience but remain young at heart.” Articles on health, beauty, family, relationship, money and finance.

Best Local Blog - This is Life in Austin (& Aspen)

Written by Lyssa Myska Allen, this blog gives you the inside scoop on the Austin AND Aspen scenes, be it sports and outdoors, streets and beats, or restaurants and bars.

Best Marketing BlogTraffic Generation Café

Traffic Generation Cafe is full of free traffic generation tips, tricks, and resources to help websites and businesses grow, prosper, and profit.

Best Parenting Blog- TVO Parents

This blog focuses on the issues that concern parents most – the healthy development and education of their children. Articles to help parents with books to hook a reluctant reader, or how bullying changes the brain, not cures for diaper rash.

Best Photography BlogPhotoluminary

Written by Rachael Towne, Photoluminary is a personal journey into becoming a better photographer full of tips and tricks. Towne is also a microstock contributor to sites like iStockphoto & Shutterstock.

Best PodcastBusiness Success Podcast

Anne Marie Cross is a Personal Branding Strategist, Social Media Strategist, and Business Coach for entrepreneurs. She is the host of the Ambitious Entrepreneur Show and Business Success Podcast, interviewing business experts from across the globe.

Best Political BlogWonkette

Wonkette is a liberal, satirical blog about political gossip. Its founding editor was Ana Marie Cox and it has been edited by Ken Layne since 2006.

Best Pop Culture BlogSplice Today

Featuring idiosyncratic writing and visual presentationfor an audience that values perspective over popularity. They present contributors who aren’t getting their voices heard anywhere else.

Best Publishing BlogAuthor/Publisher

Written by Ivin Viljoen, this blog has self-publishing and writing tips, as well as interviews with people actively self-publishing. And he wrote his first book in 3 days, published it in two weeks.

Best Religion BlogRich Kirkpatrick’s Web Log

Family man, blogger, musician, worship leader, pastor who loves espresso, social media & life-changing conversation. His bent is to influence fellow creatives and leaders and to help them think strategically.

Best SEO Blog – Stay on Search

SEO tips and tricks aimed at helping you “Dominate your niche and Make More Money.” Frequently updated and full of helpful guest posts from around the web.

Best Self-Improvement BlogDave Brown Life Coaching

Brown’s tagline is “Be. Encourage. Serve. Transform.” and that’s exactly what the blog is about. He is a life coach and he shares his own journey and wisdom on his blog.

Best Shopping BlogDeal Seeking Mom

A former career-oriented professional turned stay-at-home mom reconciling champagne tastes with a tap-water budget. Blogger Tara Kuczykowski writes about cutting costs and the key to having more disposable income.

Best Social Media BlogSocial Fresh

Founded by Jason Keath, CEO, Social Fresh is a social media education company. They inspire people and provide resources to help create better marketing through social media.

Best Sports BlogSir Shanks-A-Lot

This dynamic golf and golf equipment blog publishes reviews, tips and tricks from a team of passionate golf enthusiasts. Fore!

Best Travel BlogOkanagen Jen

Written by Jennifer Kent of British Columbia, Canada, this blog focuses on local events and aid the local tourism industry to help turn web visitors in to leads.

Best Video BloggerMarie Forleo at MarieTV

Part business strategist, part marketing maven and part spiritual ass-kicker with a side of hip-hop swagger. She helps you use your unique talents to change the world.

Freakiest BloggerReal Food Freaks

Two friends living in different regions of the country on a journey for nutrient dense foods using locally sustainable organic products.

Hottest Daddy BloggerEd Unloaded

ED married his college sweetheart in 2001 and embarked on his journey as a parent in June 2005.  Growing up, ED was never good with children, but now he has become an expert at hide-and-seek and other mindless peek-a-boo games.

Hottest Mommy BloggerEmbracing Home

Written by Eren McKay, this blog is a place for mommies to help and encourage each other in the highest calling there is: the ministry of Home and Family. This site is about Christian homemaking, parenting and family resources in general.


Best Obnoxious Blogger – Señor Gif

Remember GIF’s? Yes, we mean animated GIF’s. This blog posts new ones all day. Yes, you can vote on your favorites. And yes, that cat is animated on their site.

Best Asian BlogShanghaiist

Owned by Gothamist LLC, Shanghaiist covers political and culture topics in China and isn’t afraid to say what it wants to say, unlike many heavily censored Chinese blogs.


Best African Blog - A Nairobian’s Perspective

Collins Mbalo tells the African story from a different perspective. This blog covers issues and topics concerning the everyday African person. A recent interview of ” Sue” a Kenyan prostitute inspired a story on Al Jazeera.

Best European BlogGreat British Life

Great British Life covers all corners of British culture, from food and drink to travel and leisure. It’s a great place to stop by before planning a trip to the UK!

Best Latin American Blog - Latin American Thought

Though not a Latin American culture blog per se, we chose LatAm Thought because it the deepest insights into Latin American politics that you can find on the web.

Best Product Review BlogNetChunks

Shiva Chettri’s mission is to help bloggers and SEO managers do their job better. Netchunks offers great reviews on blog-related products, such as WordPress plug-ins, and seeks to provide accurate and insightful reviews.


Best Animal BlogPerfect Puppy Care

Perfect Puppy Care is dedicated to helping people raise happy and healthy puppies. Their goal is to create a learning environment that will provide people with all the information they need to do the best they can for their puppies.


Best Forum – Admin Forums

Admin Forums is a community built around forum administrators and webmasters, We are here to exchange support, Information & Resources.

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