Why is Online Media planning Important?

Online Media Planning is the process of determining where, when and how to advertise online, based on your target audience, goals and budget. The market for online media planning is relatively new, growing rapidly and changing rapidly.

Succeeding in Online Media with Overdrive:

Never before have people interacted as fully with forms of media as they have with the Internet. Advertising via online media enables marketers to access these dynamic relationships, targeting advertisements, messages and offers with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency. Online advertising places products and services, as well as direct contact and conversion, with just one click from a potential customer. Brands, offerings, and products can all be combined online in highly focused moments when consumers devote their undivided attention. The internet is literally where targeting and timing intersect.

Overdrive’s online media purchasing team develops an online media plan for clients that is driven by a branding strategy, aligned with business objectives and grounded in target audience behavior. We help clients initiate contact with potential customers in the online space during the most appropriate times of their personal and professional lives. Our online media plans span life stages, buying and business cycles and behavioral moments that provide immediate results, ROI and marketing intelligence. The Overdrive Planning Process

The planning process defines and categorizes our target audience, models their online behavior and identifies the full universe of online media properties and placements that can reach them. Our online media strategists then map various audience traffic groups through conversion paths that lead to lead generation, meaningful brand interactions and sales. Once launched, our online media program is managed through a pro-active optimization platform that continues to raise the bar on what defines success.

Branding, e-commerce, Lead Generation, Channel Support:

Whether your goal is to build a brand with a CPM offering or create direct lead generation and sales channels using pay-for-performance contracts, our online team has a methodology for negotiating the most favorable terms for your business with respect to cost, performance, placement and cancellation. .

Online and Offline Media Convergence:

Now even more so online media properties combine their products and offer more powerful multi-platform packages that create increased branding power and buying efficiency. While our main focus is with online media, our media purchasing team is always on the lookout for possible convergence and can take advantage of opportunities across the spectrum of media property outreach vehicles including website placement, email, direct mail, print, event sponsorship, broadcast and more. There is no limit to what overdrive can plan, purchase, and deploy.

Trade Banners and Advertising Services

Managing the logistics of an online media campaign is complex. There are dozens of different units with multiple creative versions and phases that all come out to various online properties. Tracking, reporting and optimization are very important but add further complexity. Overdrive’s online media team has experience and banners serving technology to deploy turnkey online media campaigns and to tackle the day-to-day tasks associated with their operations and optimization, enabling clients to focus on their own business.

Campaign Tracking, Reporting and Co-opting:

Real-time tracking of click and conversion results from email, paid search, and online media campaigns is critical to online success. This can translate into incredible savings by minimizing waste spent on underperforming impressions and placements and increasing ROI by focusing funds on successful placements. Overdrive’s serving and tracking technology is the best available and produces easy-to-read reports that can display short, medium and long term campaign results with minimal setup. Add this to our quick trading procedures and aggressive media cancellation clauses and our team has the capability to help organizations find viable online marketing channels with minimum amount of time and waste.